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Otter Invites Generative AI to Your Conference Room With New ‘Meeting GenAI’ Chatbot and Tools

Meeting transcription and collaboration platform has introduced a new suite of generative AI tools to add insights into business discussions. The aptly named Meeting GenAI can access a company’s entire meeting history to answer questions, generate content, and identify key information through a new generative AI chatbot. Otter claims this goes beyond what rivals like Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini can do with their focus on single meetings.

Otter Meeting GenAI

The Meeting GenAI chatbot answers user queries and writes emails or status updates. It can rapidly peruse previous meeting transcripts to provide the answers and insights. Meeting GenAI lets users can ask questions like “What did I miss in meetings the past two weeks?” Otter is also launching the chatbot in its Slack-like Channels for teams for a group discussion, a ‘collaborative AI chat’ that Otter says has never been done before and for which they have a pending patent application.

“Team-focused Meeting GenAI represents a bold step forward in AI meeting intelligence,” Otter CEO Sam Liang said. “These features transcend AI note-taking and is a new paradigm that will empower Otter to proactively join live human conversations and intelligently chat with multiple human participants in real-time meetings – providing relevant insights, generating content, and identifying next steps to move work forward.”

There’s also a conversation summary view that automatically tracks action items and assigns owners to them. Otter claims it’s a new feature, but it has a lot in common with the OtterPilot AI assistant introduced almost exactly a year ago to automate meetings, including taking notes and generating a summary of the discussion. Even OtterPilot launched only after Otter’s meeting outline feature rolled out in 2022. Either way, all of the new features are included in all its pricing plans, starting with the free Otter Basic plan and the $20 monthly Otter Business subscription. Otter expects its new multi-conversation AI abilities to provide a key competitive advantage as demand for AI-powered meeting analysis tools continues growing. That would fit with what Liang projected last year when OtterPilot came out.

“Everyone is talking about ChatGPT, but we’re focused on improving enterprise productivity,” Liang told Voicebot in an interview at the time. “We are investing a lot more to build a ChatGPT-type service for each enterprise, so [the AI] really understands their projects and their team. Our long-term planning is to build personal models for each person with their own style and their own terms.”

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