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Getty Images and Runway Team Up to Build Generative AI Video Model for Businesses That Won’t Spark Lawsuits

Synthetic video media startup Runway and stock media giant Getty Images have partnered to design a customizable generative AI foundation model for business video generation. The new Runway-Getty Images Model (RGM) will combine Runway’s generative AI video capabilities with Getty’s licensed creative asset library. Enterprise clients can then fine-tune RGM using their own data to power customized video content workflows aligned with brand identities.

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The idea behind RGM is to offer a generative AI solution that addresses surging corporate demand for videos without stepping on intellectual property toes. This way, companies can produce marketing campaigns, internal communications, and other videos that are stuck in manual production bottlenecks without having to alert their legal team. RGM will first provide a springboard model allowing rapid iterations tailored to unique firm needs or aesthetics without intensive human oversight. Companies across media, advertising, and entertainment can then use RGM to enhance creative control and consistency. For example, movie studios could maintain tonal alignment across promotional video materials in a fraction of current timelines by leveraging AI assistance.

“Runway’s collaboration with Getty Images takes our mission to empower creators with a new generation of AI tools to a new level of creative control and customization,” Runway CEO Cristóbal Valenzuela explained. “This will unlock new commercial uses and new video products for companies, and we’re looking forward to seeing the outputs.”

The limit on training is similar to the Generative AI by Getty Images text-to-image engine deployed by Getty in September. The image generator only works through approved sections of the company’s library of stock photos and illustrations. This allows users to turn text prompts into visuals that they can license for business and personal use without potentially infringing on copyrighted material and drawing a lawsuit. Before that, Getty outright banned the upload of AI-generated images to its library. The same motivation clearly fuels its plans with Runway.

“We’re excited to work with Runway to help enterprises further creativity and exploration with AI in responsible ways,” Getty Images chief product officer Grant Farhall said. “When you combine human talent and skill with powerful technology, the possibilities are tremendous, and that potential is particularly exciting when it comes to creating with video.”

RGM will be commercially available in the coming months and will provide a test case on corporate deployments of generative video while addressing acute pain points in scalable business content production. Early market response to RGM could significantly influence wider reception of video AI across risk-averse industries. Its reception also offers clues if AI video workflows gain mainstream corporate comfort sooner than models focused on public consumption.

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