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Wix Launches Generative AI Chatbot for Website Building

Website building platform Wix has introduced a conversational generative AI assistant to help new users set up business profiles and websites. The large language model-powered chatbot guides users through the process by asking about their goals and following up with further queries to determine the required components and how best to personalize the final format.

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The dialogue with the generative AI assistant leads toward tailored suggestions to fit the profile of the user and their plans. More information means a higher degree of customization in the final results, according to Wix. For example, the chat may ask about target demographics and generate sample content like blog posts. Once the conversation concludes, users are guided to a dashboard containing website templates, apps, images, and other elements that the AI has curated for their business and style that they can then edit and adjust before publishing.

“This new AI technology serves as an excellent starting point for creating a business profile by eliminating the need for users to manually understand which components they need to run their business online,” Wix AI Assistant head Guy Sopher explained. “In the early days of its availability, it is clear that this new AI product removes a great deal of friction for business users as they build and manage their online presence. This is the first step to completely automating business management with AI, and opens the door for users to have a unique and personalized experience to set up a business even better and stronger than before.”

Wix describes its generative AI assistant as the latest step from when it premiered the Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) website generator in 2016. The end goal is to streamline and simplify website building. Generative AI is central to the company’s vision of enabling entrepreneurs and small businesses to establish an online presence without acquiring or hiring deep technical skills, making it more accessible.

Wix has steadily expanded its generative AI portfolio this year, starting with its AI text creator in February to write content for websites based on a user’s response to questions crafted by Wix as prompts, as well as a synthetic text generator for making templates, writing product descriptions and recommendations, and picking a domain name. Wix the embedded synthetic image and video generators, including a feature that will condense a video into a trailer for itself. That led to the text-to-website AI Site Generator tool in July for producing an entire website from a written prompt. The AI Site Generator transforms the prompt into a homepage and sub-pages, with text and images for each page, and even e-commerce and appointment booking tools.

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