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Evan MacMillan CEO of Gridspace on Conversational AI Intelligence and Voice Bots for the Contact Center – Voicebot Podcast Ep 266

Evan MacMillan started Gridspace 10 years ago to tackle a tough problem faced by contact centers: analyzing their conversational data. These organizations had countless hours of customer conversations but no way to unlock the value in that data. While most contact centers were recording every inbound and outbound call, they were only rarely looking at the data and had no way to systematically identify trends and patterns. It’s an interesting application set that stands apart from what most conversational AI companies are doing in the contact center.

More recently, Gridspace has expanded into voice assistants for the contact center. The company’s voice assistant, Grace, is designed to manage multi-turn conversations with customers to automate issue resolution without having to wait for a live agent. These include assistance filling out forms, gathering information before a handover to an agent, and providing information back to the customer.

Before co-founding Gridspace, MacMillan was a co-founder at Zappedy, which was acquired by Groupon. He spent a year at Groupon as a product director during the heyday of daily deals online communities.

Evan MacMillan Interview – Gridspace






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