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Timo Kunz CEO of Aflorithmic on Synthetic Media and Audio as a Service – Voicebot Podcast Ep 263

Timo Kunz has a PhD in operations research and spent more than a decade as a data scientist and analyst before founding Aflorithmic Labs in 2019. The company’s first product, API.audio, is a developer toolset for quickly adding synthetic audio combined with other features such as music and effects. In 2021, Aflorithmic completed a $1.3 million seed funding round.

Aflorithmic is positioned as the first audio-as-a-service solution for developers. It enables software developers to programmatically control key audio characteristics of synthetic audio voices, music, and sounds without the need for separate post-production audio engineering. This reduces the time required to produce and update video and audio that include synthetic components. Key use cases are in advertising, marketing, and media.

Timo Kunz Interview – Aflorithmic






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