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Dana Young CEO of AIPEX Tech on Voice Assistants for Hospitality – Voicebot Podcast Ep 254

Dana Young founded AIPEX Technologies in 2017 to solve a problem he faced as an independent vacation rental property host. Voice assistants could provide his guests with a better experience and save him the challenge of answering a lot of redundant questions.

He started by building Alexa skills and Google Actions. AIPEX now offers a shared service instance of Alexa for Hospitality which makes the solution scalable and easy to use for other property owners, hotels, and assisted living communities.

Dana shares in detail his journey in building the first self-service voice assistant solution for vacation rental and hotel owners, the key use cases, and the evolution of the company. Prior to AIPEX, Young was a director of systems engineering at Dell EMC, a software developer, and engineer. He has a degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Washington.

Dana Young Interview – AIPEX Technologies

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