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Rob Hayes Head of Product at Voiceflow Talks Conversation Experience Design – Voicebot Podcast Ep 209

Rob Hayes is head of product at Voiceflow. He spent the past 18 months helping transform the no-code builder for Alexa skills into a multi-platform design and prototyping solution for enterprise-grade conversational experiences. Today, Voiceflow has over 60,000 users of its software which offers some unique insights into trends for the conversation design and development communities. The company’s V2 product launch in February added new collaboration features along with support for many more conversational AI platforms including custom assistants.

Prior to Voiceflow, Hayes had an independent product management consultancy. His work included a nine-month tour as interim head of product at Ada, the AI-backed chatbot company that recently achieved unicorn status after a $130 million funding round. Voiceflow has also attracted investor attention raising over $4 million in seed funding from True Ventures, Ripple Ventures, the Alexa Fund, and several prominent tech company founders as angel investors.

Show Notes – Rob Hayes Interview – Voiceflow

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