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Cheryl Platz Author of Design Beyond Devices on Multimodal Voice UX – Voicebot Podcast Ep 190

Have you ever wondered what improv can teach you about user experience design? Have you ever wondered what was the origin story behind the Echo Look and how that product played out? Maybe you have wondered about lessons interactive games can provide for voice user experience design. Are you wondering right now how to think about the shift to multimodal design? We cover these topics and more in this week’s Voicebot Podcast.

Cheryl Platz is the author of the new book “Design Beyond Devices, creating multimodal cross-device experiences” published by Rosenfeld. She is currently the principal UX designer for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and was on the core team that developed and launched the Echo Look which was Amazon’s attempt to inject Alexa into fashion selection. That was preceded by time working on Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant. She began her career as a game producer at EA and Griptonite.

Platz is also a cast member and instructor for Unexpected Productions Seattle, an improv comedy troupe and earned a degree in computer science with a focus on human-computer interaction from Carnegie-Mellon University. At each of these stops, Platz learned something that contributed to the systems for designing user experiences. We explore each of these areas in today’s conversation.

Show Notes – Cheryl Platz Interview – Author of Design Beyond Devices

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