Google Assistant Adds Wellness Tab for Smart Displays

Google Assistant has updated its features with a new section on wellness. Though it seems incomplete, the wellness page on smart displays and the mobile app looks like it will expand the existing section on how well the user slept with data on diet and exercise, all shared to their Google Assistant-enabled smart screens. The update appears to be part of a deeper integration planned for Fitbit after Google’s acquisition is finally complete and may be tied to a rumored new Nest Hub designed for sleep tracking.

Wellness Center

The wellness page for now only mentions sleep tracking, a feature that came out in November, but the language on the rest of the page has changed. When up and running, the page will collect “sleep, exercise, and nutrition” data from fitness devices. The page also offers a “proactive” option that will share the information on compatible smart screens, citing Google Nest Hub and Hub Max as options. That element isn’t up and running yet, though it may not be something everyone wants as it means anyone walking by the smart display could see the health data.

The wellness page may also have some connection to the “interactive device” Google registered with the FCC earlier this year. Potentially a new smart display with support for the Zigbee smart home networking standard and Google’ Soli radar gesture technology. As the gesture technology will likely be used for tracking sleep, it would make sense to tie the device to a new and improved hub of health data.

Fit Time

The timing of the update, just a week after Google declared that the 14-month process of acquiring Fitbit was done. Google has been making moves to better integrate the fitness tracker’s technology since announcing the deal back in late 2019. Google Assistant is now embedded in two Fitbit smartwatch models, including the first to include speakers for the voice assistant. More health tools on Google’s end will help complete the merge, and it can now all be seen on a single page.

“Technology can change the way people manage their health and wellness, and that’s especially important these days,” Google senior vice president of devices and services Rick Osterloh wrote when the completed deal was announced. “We’ll work closely to create new devices and services that help you enhance your knowledge, success, health and happiness.”


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