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Spotify Voice AI and Social Audio Strategy with Messina, Kemp, Schwartz and Greenberg – Voicebot Podcast Ep 207

Spotify recently released a custom voice assistant called ‘Hey Spotify,’ acquired (then rebranded) Locker Room as the foundation of a new social audio feature, and announced a new in-car voice-interactive device for audio content while on the go. I gathered some Spotify experts in Clubhouse to break down Spotify’s voice AI and social audio strategy and its implications. Guests include:

  • Ari Greenberg – Formerly head of voice marketing at Spotify
  • Dave Kemp – Creator of Future Ear Radio
  • Chris Messina – Former product leader at Google & Uber, one of the earliest U.S. users of Spotify
  • Eric Hal Schwartz – Head writer at Voicebot.ai

Show Notes – Spotify Voice AI and Social Audio Strategies

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