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Jeremiah Owyang Analyzes the Rise of Social Audio on Clubhouse, Twitter and More – Voicebot Podcast 195

Jeremiah Owyang is tech analyst that is closely tracking the rise of social audio networks. In this week’s interview, we discuss Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and some of the 25 other social audio startups he monitors. Jeremiah weighs in on six product categories that are growing up around social audio along with business models, monetization strategies, and predictions. We also evaluate the intersection of social audio and voice AI technology.

Owyang is a founding partner of technology research firm Kaleido Insights. He previously worked as an analyst at Forrester and was a co-founder of Altimeter Group. He began his career as a UX designer and today is known for his work as a tech analyst, startup advisor, and angel investor.

N.B. There will be a special edition of the Conversational AI Innovators show on Clubhouse on Monday, February 22nd at 3 pm EST with Jeremiah and Bret Kinsella. You can join the conversation here. If you need an invite to Clubhouse, DM @bretkinsella on Twitter to see if there are any remaining.  

Show Notes – Jeremiah Owyang Interview

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