Voice Landscape in Europe from All About Voice Conference – Voicebot Podcast Ep 119

This week’s interviews were conducted onsite at the All About Voice Conference in Munich, Germany. That enabled us to capture the European (and Isreali and even some U.S.) perspective on voice assistant adoption. The five guests come from France, Germany, Isreal, and Poland. We discuss European voice assistant adoption, voice UX design principles, open source versus proprietary software approaches, voice assistant experiments in primary education, voice in podcasting and media, and enterprise voice adoption. Guests appear in this order:

  • 3:08 Jan König, co-founder and CEO of Jovo
  • 13:35 Adva Levin, founder and CEO of Pretzl Labs
  • 25:18 Alexis Hue, Managing Director at Voice & You, Partner at Via ID
  • 36:39 Karol Stryja, Chief Podcast Officer at Abstra
  • 44:45 Tim Kahle, co-founder and CEO of 169 Labs

Show Notes – Voice Adoption in Financial Services

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