Adva Levin Founder of Pretzel Labs Talks Voice-First Games – Voicebot Podcast Ep 49

Adva Levin is founder of Pretzel Labs, a Tel Aviv-based company that creates voice-first games that children can play through Amazon Echo and soon Google Home. The company came to prominence earlier this year as the Grand Prize winner of Amazon’s first Kids Skills Competition where developers competed for cash prizes for the best Alexa skill designed for children. In fact, Pretzel Labs won two awards. The Grand Prize went to Kids Court and another Alexa skill, Out the Door, was a finalist.

Previously, Adva worked in product and content roles at a number of startups and has also done literary translation and screenwriting. Adva earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics from Tel Aviv University. In our interview, Adva discusses her interest in stories and storytelling that started with mathematicians and has wound up with children. She also discusses what she has learned about creating voice-first games for children and some of the mistaken assumptions she started with. Enjoy!

Show Notes – Adva Levin Interview Pretzel Labs

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