Alexa Super Bowl Product Fails FI

Amazon Super Bowl Ad Embraces Over-the-top Alexa Everywhere Product Experimentation

When Amazon introduced a dozen new Alexa-enabled products at a single event in September 2018, many people in attendance were stunned. In all, the company made over 70 Alexa-related announcements that day, but few people could keep track. Standout products were a mix of old and new. There was a new Echo Dot 3rd Gen, an Echo Show 2nd Gen, and new Echo Plus 2nd Gen. These were not unusual. Then Amazon vice president David Limp introduced an Alexa-enabled Microwave, an Echo Wall Clock, a subwoofer, a media recording box for cord cutters, an amp, a smart plug, and a few more unexpected devices.

This reputation for the unexpected when it comes to Alexa has been enhanced by third parties that have built the voice assistant into motorcycle helmets, bicycles, patio umbrellas, electric keyboards, showers, and toilets among other products. Amazon has embraced this reputation for the interesting and absurd in its 2019 Super Bowl ad title “Not Everything Makes the Cut.”

The team obviously had to work hard to identify items like voice interactive electric toothbrushes, dog collars, and hot tubs to ensure their spoof was more absurd than real life products. Consumers will determine whether they succeeded, but the first spot is well done. There are several others that are short teasers about the Alexa Beta Program. Don’t expect to see any of these items come out from Amazon. However, someone may actually make one or more of these fake products to leverage the attention from the media campaign. Enjoy.


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