Jarvish Smart Helmet Adds Alexa for Motorcycle Riders

Jarvish, the Taiwan-based startup building smart helmets for motorcycle riders, is introducing Amazon Alexa integration into its upcoming X-AR model. The smart helmet provides a heads-up display (HUD) that shows speed, weather, traffic, call notifications, music controls and other data. It will also provide access to a 2K full HD rear-facing camera. But, how can you control the camera and change the display settings with both hands steering? No problem. Just ask Alexa. Wearable reports:

“With the Alexa support you’ll be able to tell the helmet to take control of the cameras, retract the HUD and adjust volume on the speakers. The HUD can now also display images from the rear-facing camera too.”

The helmet is expected to cost more than $1,000 and is feature packed as indicated in the video above. Sign up the the Jarvish newsletter to get access to a 35% discount when the product begins shipping in 2019. Voice assistants aren’t just about the home. Voice controls first experienced widespread use in transportation use cases and this market is sure to grow quickly due to the need for hands free access. The smart helmet concept follows a number of years of smart glasses concepts and is an obvious application for voice.

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