World’s First Bike With Amazon Alexa to be Shown at CES 2019


The Cybic E-Legend; Photo Credit: Digital Trends

The Cybric E-Legend, part of a range of bikes called the Cybric Legend, has announced it will integrate Amazon Alexa. The announcement comes ahead of plans to show the product at CES 2019. The goal of Alexa integration is to make biking safer, and more convenient. The smart bike will be on sale this summer in the U.K.

What Will Alexa Do on a Bike?

Alexa will be able to interact with the bike’s touchscreen by displaying a number of fitness metrics the Legend tracks such as speed, distance traveled, and time. Alexa will provide traffic information, navigational cues, activate the bike’s integrated lighting system, and activate the integrated audio player. The Legend will also include an alarm and GPS-tracking system that can be used if the bike is stolen. Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity options are available on the bike as well, reportedly even coming with a Vodaphone SIM card providing three years of free 3G service. That’s not incredible bandwidth, but certainly able to allow Alexa to stay online.

Screen Display on the Cybric E-Legend; Photo Credit: Trend Hunter

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