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Amazon Rolls out Slew of New Alexa Devices

Here is a quick run down of the new devices Amazon announced today. We will do some more in-depth analysis of selected devices and update this further as more information becomes available throughout the day. It was almost 90 minutes of presentations and the announcements came like a machine gun. Below are some basic details on a dozen devices. Plenty of good stuff for developers too but those will take more explanations.


  • New Echo Dot – better audio, fabric outer shell
  • New Echo Plus ($149.99) – new fabric outer shell, in-room temperature monitoring, upgraded speaker
  • New Echo Show ($229.99) – 10 inch screen, 5 MP camera, better speakers, VEVO video integration, Alexa Blueprints, built-in smart home hub like Echo Plus, a step up
  • Echo Auto ($49.99) – invitation-only release this year, brings Alexa to the car in compact form.
  • Echo Sub ($129.99) – A subwoofer to bring more bass to your Alexa music listening
  • Echo Link Amp ($299) – Amplifier for for connected Echo devices.
  • Echo Link ($199) – connect your Echo devices to your home stereo system.
  • Echo Input ($34.99) – no speaker onboard, but has a microphone and can activate other devices an initiate routines
  • Alexa Smart Plug ($24.99) – WeMo is going to be disappointed here. The plugs are automatically discovered by Amazon Echos on the network. You can configure them and add them to routines by voice.
  • Amazon Basics Microwave ($59.99) – Alexa deeply integrated with microwave. Popcorn will never be the same.
  • Echo Wall Clock ($29.99) – Set timers and see it the countdown on the wall.
  • Fire TV Recast ($229.99) – It’s a DVR from Amazon with Alexa integration.


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