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Google Home Hub Smart Display Images Leaked

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MySmartPrice has an exclusive of leaked pictures of the widely anticipated Google smart display. This will be Google’s first version of a smart speaker with a screen that will compete with Amazon Echo Show and the Google Assistant-powered Lenovo Smart Display. Google has revealed that it will host two hardware events on October 9th, one in New York City and another in Paris.

The Pixel 3 is expected to be the big announcement, but a Google-branded smart display has been expected as one of the announcements slated for the event. To date, Google has not confirmed that a smart display is in development nor is there confirmation that this leak is true. However, these images appear both logical and legitimate.

Similar Screen Layout to Lenovo Smart Display

The device looks a lot like a seven-inch tablet affixed to a fabric wrapped stand. While not an inspiring design, it looks functional. The screen layout is similar to the default for the Lenovo Smart Display which is running identical software. Fabric on the stand suggests that it may be covering a speaker array.

Image Credit: MySmartPrice

The rear has a power cord connection and a physical toggle switch near the top of the display. That is a physical switch and likely controls the speaker mute feature and may also control the front facing camera. It is not clear what the function of the raised vertically oriented piece is on the back left. Smart displays haven’t exactly taken off in terms of sales in any way like smart speakers. Voicebot survey data suggests that fewer than five million of more than 50 million smart speaker owners in the U.S. have opted to purchase a smart display.

However, the screen does provide more utility offering visual information, video streaming, video calling and additional navigation options. Look for more news on this device on October 9th. You can read the source article here.


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