Oren Jacob and Greg Hedges Discuss Voice Assistant Adoption Beyond the Smart Speaker – Voicebot Podcast Ep 73

Oren Jacob is CEO and founder of PullString and Greg Hedges is Vice President of Emerging Experiences at RAIN Agency. PullString, RAIN, and Voicebot collaborated on a national survey of U.S. adults that focused on voice assistant adoption across devices beyond the smart speaker. In this episode, we break down the latest user data of voice assistants on smartphones, in the car, with hearables, and on appliances and then compare that to smart speaker usage. Oren and Greg discuss how consumer brands, media, and enterprises are reacting to or planning for voice on multiple devices surfaces and what we can learn from consumer activity today.

You can download the report here and follow along with the discussion (we call out page numbers) or just sit back and listen to my conversation with two industry experts on what the data mean and where we are headed. Smart speakers are still selling well and in many ways are dominating the discussion around voice today. However, monthly active users are actually far higher on smartphones and in the car and that is an important indicator of how voice assistant adoption is likely to develop over time.

 Show Notes – Oren Jacobs and Greg Hedges Interview on Voice Assistant Adoption

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