Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report 2018

The Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report 2018 was developed as a collaboration by Voicebot, PullString, and RAIN Agency. It offers the most comprehensive analysis to date on consumer use of and attitudes about voice assistants across multiple surfaces. The 30-page report includes 27 charts and analysis broken into six sections:

  • Smartphones: What voice assistants are being used on smartphones, how frequently are they accessed, what use cases and contexts are most common, and how many U.S. adults are actually using them.
  • Hearables: The breakdown of hearable (wireless headphones with voice assistant access) market share and frequency of use.
  • Smart Speakers: How many people have access to a smart speaker, how frequently are they using the devices, an update on how many devices per household and current vendor market share.
  • The Car: What voice assistants have consumers used in the car, how frequently are they used and are they getting better.
  • Appliances and Other Surfaces: What other devices have consumers used voice assistants through other than the big three.
  • What Consumers Say: What features do consumers most desire in voice assistants and what is their relative use across device surfaces.

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