Google Home Max on Sale

Google Home Max on Sale for $299

Google Home Max originally debuted at a $399 list price but has settled into $349 for most of the fall. That places the cost at par with Apple HomePod. However, today, PC Richard & Son is selling Google Home Max for just $299. It is available in both chalk and charcoal colors. eBay has a couple of “new condition” models for sale for $310 and $322. However, the sub $300 price point appears to be a first for a new Google Home Max.

Retailers of other premium smart speakers from JBL and Harman Kardon have offered steep discounts hoping to move shelf inventory. Recent pricing shows these devices as much as 60% off of list price. Even Sonos has been running a small discount since Black Friday week. However, Google and Apple have largely held their pricing at no less than $349. An exception was Best Buy’s deal for a $100 off Apple HomePod on Black Friday. Those units were quickly sold out. Another third-party retailer is now trying a similar tactic with Google Home Max. It will be interesting to see if it sells out quickly or is moved back up to the $349 discount price with stock left available. Competition in the premium smart speaker segment is increasing.


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