Google Home Max Arrives in France, Germany, UK

Google Home Max is now available in France, Germany and the U.K. Voicebot was first to report seeing the Google Home Max show up in the promotion tray of Google’s German and U.K. online stores back in July. Those images did not link to a product page and were removed shortly after Voicebot published the story. At the time, the device was beginning to ship in Australia. Google Home Max is now available for purchase in six countries with the U.S. and Canada rounding out the list. For those of you keeping track, it is still not available in India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore and Spain. Pricing is €399 in France and Germany and £399 in the U.K.

Premium Segment Gets Crowded

It is increasingly important for Google to start shipping the Max into markets where it already has Google Home presence given that competition is rising quickly in the premium smart speaker segment. Despite an earlier launch date in the U.S., Google Home Max trailed Apple HomePod into Australia, France and Germany. There are also products from JBL, Sony and Harman Kardon already in European markets and new offerings from Bose and Bang & Olufsen are scheduled to ship no later than October. Sonos One with Alexa also ships to most European countries. And, Samsung Galaxy Home was announced in early August and may arrive before the 2018 holiday season. Google has a lot of advantages in competing in the premium segment, but must get the product in market to be a choice for consumers.

Google Home Max Coming to Australia in August, Appears in UK and Germany Online Stores

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