Target Deep Discount on Echo Show

Wow, Get Two Amazon Echo Show at Target for $54.99 Each, But Already a Wait List

Target is running a special that offers $150 off when you purchase two Amazon Echo Show. That discount is in addition to the $100 discount per device that is offered everywhere except for Yes, on the price is back up to $229. Best Buy and Target are carrying the $100 discount off the purchase of a single device, but Target has an offer of an additional $150 discount when you buy two. That is $229.99 – $100 – $75 = $54.99 each. The bad news? Target online is currently showing “temporarily out of stock” and offering a wait list.

There are also out-of-stock signs in stores according to several Reddit posts. However, some people have placed orders in stores and expect delivery later this week. Reddit users in the U.K. confirm that Echo Shows are hard to find at retail in the U.K. right now and depicts the device as unavailable.

Should We Expect an Echo Show 2nd Gen?

Voicebot speculated in May that the lack of Echo Show introduction into newer markets and aggressive discounting suggest a new device is likely this year. Since that report, two Google Assistant powered smart displays from Lenovo and JBL have entered the market. Both have higher price points than Echo Show’s list price before the $100 discounting that has been common throughout the year. Lenovo attempts to differentiate based on device design and screen quality and JBL is more focused on audio quality. Both have YouTube access which is a plus.

It’s possible that Amazon will abandon the Echo Show which has failed to drive unit sales comparable to its voice-only smart speakers. However, that seems unlikely. The aggressive discounts and restricted distribution to new markets suggests a new device will be announced sometime in late September or early October and may include features to better compete with the new Google Assistant enabled offerings. Stay tuned.

An Echo Show for less than the price of an Echo and right about the list price of an Echo Dot is a tremendous deal. Let me know on Twitter if you snag one.


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