New Report: Over 1 Billion Devices Provide Voice Assistant Access Today and Highest Usage is on Smartphones

  • Over one billion devices provide voice assistant access today; leading the pack are Google Assistant and Apple Siri, followed by Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana
  • There are twice as many monthly active voice assistant users on smartphones as smart speakers and voice usage in cars also exceeds use on smart speakers
  • Apple Siri is the leader in voice assistant usage on smartphones while Amazon Alexa leads on smart speakers and Google Assistant is a rising number two in both categories
  • Smart speaker owners now have 2.2 devices on average and smart speaker installed base has risen to 57.8 million
  • New report based on a survey of 1,040 U.S. adults in September 2018 includes 27 charts and over 30 pages of analysis

Over one billion devices now provide voice assistant access worldwide and the highest monthly usage in the U.S. is on smartphones, in cars, and on smart speakers, in that order. These are a few of the findings in the newly published Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report 2018 which is the result of a collaboration between Voicebot, PullString and RAIN Agency. Oren Jacob, CEO and co-founder of PullString commented:

According to Voicebot, one billion devices have access to voice assistant technology. This presents a tremendous opportunity for brands to engage their customers through voice-activated devices, whether through smart speakers, smartphones, car infotainment systems, or hearables.




The report is based on industry research and a survey of 1,040 U.S. adults in September 2018 and includes 27 charts in 30 pages of analysis. It is the first comprehensive look at voice assistant use beyond the smart speaker.

Smartphones Claim Most Voice Assistant Monthly Active Users

The rapid consumer adoption of smart speakers have catapulted voice assistants into the national consciousness, but there are nearly twice as many monthly active users of the technology on smartphones. This is largely a function of the fact that U.S. smartphone adoption is about four times higher than smart speakers. Smart speaker adoption is growing fast, recently reaching 57.8 million U.S. adults, but is far less than the 88.5% penetration of smartphones. So, despite the fact that only 65.8% of all smartphone owners have tried a voice assistant on the device and 61.5% use them monthly, the total is from a much larger user base. Greg Hedges, VP of Emerging Experiences at RAIN Agency added,

Because devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home garnered such mass appeal, we often overlook a more obvious access point that already exists — smartphones. This study demonstrates the opportunity to connect through voice with a very active user base, as well as the chance to activate those who are non-users.

Also, besting the smart speaker in monthly active users are in-car voice assistants. Very often these are the same voice assistants found on smartphones and in smart speakers but are used in a different context. The survey found that 77 million U.S. adults are using voice assistants monthly while in the car compared to just 45.7 million on smart speakers.

About the Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report

The report goes deep into voice assistant use cases on smartphones to offer contrast on usage compared to smart speakers. There are also sections dedicated to other voice assistant access points such as wireless headphones (hearables), appliances such as smart televisions and general consumer sentiment about voice assistant use. Report sections include:

  • Smartphones
  • Hearables
  • Smart Speakers
  • The Car
  • Appliances and Other Access Points
  • What Consumers Say

There are also links to additional resources, market share numbers, and a breakout about how frequently voice assistant users employ different devices. The report is being made available at no cost compliments of PullString and RAIN Agency. If you have any questions, feel freel to contact info(at)voicebot.ai and let us know what you think on Twitter.




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