Apple Siri Continues to Lead in Voice Assistant Usage on Smartphones

Apple HomePod may be well behind Google Home and Amazon Echo in U.S. smart speaker market share. However, one place Siri is leading today is on smartphones. Data from a September survey of 1,040 U.S. adults show that 44% of voice assistant users on smartphones are using Siri compared to 30% selecting Google Assistant. Amazon Alexa comes in third place at 17%. Samsung’s Bixby trails at just 4%.

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Bixby has faced three problems with adoption thus far: it came to market much later than the top three voice assistants, faces competition with Google Assistant embedded on its devices, and had a rough start with performance issues and negative user feedback after launch in 2017. Samsung is expected to unveil Bixby 2.0 at its developer conference next week in San Francisco. This version includes Viv technology which the company acquired in 2016 and reportedly includes several personalization features around user and session context maintenance. The success of Bixby 2.0 will be measurable by tracking whether the 4% figure rises over the next year.

Notably, the relative market share of Siri and Google have not changed much since a May survey of U.S. adults. Google Assistant usage has risen slightly and Alexa use on smartphones appears to have grown by as much as 20%, but all of the figures are within the margin of error for the survey. We should have a more clear picture on the relative market share trends by early 2019.

It’s Too Early Write Apple Off

Apple earlier this week continued its recent track record of disappointment by revealing very little new technology at its hardware event. Notably absent were any material updates to Siri or Apple’s voice portfolio. However, the company’s position in the smartphone market is another matter. Apple continues to lead in smartphone voice assistant adoption and the HomePod smart speaker has risen quickly to 4.5% market share in the U.S. Tim Cook said in June 2017 that Siri was able to account for 375 million monthly active users. These habits can lead to Siri customer loyalty over time. In practice, this means that Apple has a large user base to work with as Siri improves.

New Voice Assistant Adoption Survey Data

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