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Top Poll Shows 51% of Amazon Echo Owners Will Buy an Echo Show or Spot

Voicebot.ai ran a poll last week with the Top Poll Alexa skill created by DecibelApps. The poll was taken on Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled devices entirely through voice interaction. So, we are not polling the general public, but rather Echo owners today. We asked three questions of that group.

  1. How many Echo devices do you have?
  2. How likely are you to purchase an Echo Show or the new Echo Spot?
  3. Have you listened to music on your Echo in the past week?

57% of Survey Participants Own More Than One Echo

This finding is the opposite of what Edison Research found in April. At that time Edison reported that 42% of smart speaker owners had two or more devices an 58% has one. The findings from this opt-in poll found that 57%  had two or more devices and only 43% had one. Responses to this question appear to align with findings from Strategy Analytics that showed a rising number of households with multiple devices. Maybe even more interesting is how many consumers have three or more (44%) and five or more (13%). These numbers help explain why analysts have so frequently underestimated smart speaker sales. Not only are more people acquiring the devices that previously thought. Once a consumer has one device they are highly likely to purchase several more.

51% Plan to Buy and Echo with a Screen

The interest in purchasing an Echo with a screen was overwhelming. Fifty-one percent responded very likely or extremely likely to purchase an Amazon Echo Show or Echo Spot, the two smart speaker products with screens and visual display capabilities. Only 7% said they were not likely to purchase a smart speaker with a screen. This is higher than expected, even for an Echo-owning survey audience.

54% Listened to Music Through Amazon Echo Last Week

We also confirmed that a lot of people listen to music. This is not surprising since music listening is routinely among the most popular smart speaker use cases. As with all surveys, we look at the audience and survey format. What we are seeing here is for Amazon Echo owners, they use them to listen to music with some frequency, the have a lot of devices and most of them are looking to add a screen to their voice-first experience.

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42 Percent of Amazon Echo Owners Have 2 Or More Devices