42 Percent of Amazon Echo Owners Have 2 Or More Devices

Edison Research is out with new survey and ethnographic research data that reveals 42% of smart speaker owners have two or more devices. Voicebot had previously analyzed device sales for 2016 and estimated 1.18 devices per household. These new findings suggest that number now has grown closer to 1.5-1.6 devices per household.

Amazon Echo Devices Per Household

Further Evidence that Previous Estimates Understate Device Sales

Recent survey data from Morning Consult, Edison Research and Radio Centre has suggested that previous device sales estimates were significantly understated. While having more devices in a household does not extend audience reach for voice assistants on smart speakers, it does change the calculation in terms of total devices in-market today. The latest Edison survey, called Smart Audio Report, included 1,620 US adults. About half of the survey participants owned at least one Amazon Echo or Google Home device. The purpose of this study was not to gauge smart speaker market penetration but rather to assess use cases for smart speaker owners compared to non-owners.

The Living Room is Most Popular Location

Where are all of these smart speakers being placed in the home? The living room or den is the winner by a more than 2:1 margin. Fifty-two percent of all consumers have their primary device location in the living room or den with about one in four preferring the kitchen. The bedroom came in a distant third at 12%. However, keep in mind that these are primary locations and 42% of consumers also have at least once secondary location.

This data makes the Dash Wand seem even more useful for Amazon. If you are looking to ensure an Alexa-enabled device winds up in the kitchen, having a very low cost solution like Dash Wand could be a useful complement in households that have their primary device in the living room.

People Don’t Want to Give Up Their Smart Speakers

One more point. Forty-two percent of owners say smart speakers have become “essential to their everyday lives,” and 56% say that “they don’t want to go back to life before them,” according to Inside Radio. All of these findings reinforce that the market is moving quickly and consumers are finding strong value from voice assistants.

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