Amazon Echo Yellow Light Ring

Amazon Echo to Introduce Yellow Light Ring for Incoming Messages

The Amazon Echo calling and messaging features are really intriguing. However, both calling and messaging have used a green flashing light ring to date. Is the flashing light an incoming call, a new message or something else? It was sometimes hard to know what was happening and how to respond. Ask for messages or answer? Amazon Echo messages will soon generate a yellow light ring and a green ring will indicate an incoming call.

Constantly Improving the User Interface

I presume notifications will get its own color as well. Most people focus on the voice user interface for Alexa but this visual interface turns about very useful. Since the devices are often across the room, it is nice to have a visual cue on what the flashing indicates. I think the Echo light ring may be superior to the Google Home lights which tend to be hard to see in well lit rooms. It will be interesting to check this out when Google finally gets calling, messaging and notifications deployed.

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