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Top Poll by DecibelApps is a new Alexa skill that conducts surveys of Amazon Echo users. This week, Top Poll is running three questions submitted by that relate to Alexa usage. Please take a moment to participate in the poll this week so we can test out its functionality and provide Voicebot with some great data for a news article. You can access Top Poll by saying, “Alexa, enable Top Poll skill,” enabling the skill in your Alexa app, or visiting it on the web here. You then need to take the survey questions by voice through any Alexa-enabled device.

Voicebot caught up with DecibelApps founder and Top Poll creator Udhay Parerikkal to learn more about the company and the Alexa skill.

What is Top Poll and why did you create the Alexa skill?
Udhay Parerikkal: Top Poll is a voice-based survey Alexa Skill designed and implemented as a VSaaS (Voice Survey as a Skill) to connect and get quick feedback from voice-first technology users like Amazon Echo owners. It has everything you would want from a survey application and is fine-tuned for voice-first technologies. Your chances of getting a feedback or opinion are very high when the audience can respond by just talking – no clicks or long text to read. Keep it simple and let the audience truly “voice” their opinion.

What sponsors do you think Top Poll is most suitable for?
Parerikkal: Top Poll offers anyone looking to reach the audience via the new medium of voice service like Amazon Alexa with branded survey questions, zero maintenance and management cost. Our fully customizable voice survey skill makes it a no-brainer for companies seeking quick feedback from the Alexa audience.

How have you created awareness among consumers about Top Poll?
Parerikkal: We run weekly polls with trending questions coupled with free giveaways. Clients can also take advantage of this platform to reward their customers with free giveaways.

Top Poll was created by your firm DecibelApps. What does your company do?
Parerikkal: We believe that the world is not just made up of pixels. Voice is the most natural means of communication for most of us, so it makes sense that our technology would be moving towards more human-like conversations between man and machine. We are a social enterprise, passionate and focused on creating applications that are responsive to the human voice, applications for all kinds of businesses ranging from commerce, education, entertainment, service etc. We specialize in creating customized Alexa Skills and Alexa integration with enterprise business applications.

However, we do not want to stop here. We want to reach out, touch as many lives as possible. When you engage with us for your business needs, together we are serving a greater cause. We can make a difference in today’s world and give people a voice that they might never have had before. To test voice apps, we engage differently-abled people with creative conversational skills as part of the project. They lend their voice to be part of this revolution and build a career around it.

Editors Note: Go check out Top Poll and take this week’s survey with questions from You also can get real-time results of the poll to see how your usage compares to other Alexa users. 

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