Voice Shop Best Buy on Amazon Alexa

Just three weeks ahead of Black Friday, Best Buy is opening its doors on Amazon Alexa. The big-box electronics retailer announced today it is now selling limited product categories as well as its Deal of the Day product through its Alexa skill. Customers who are also looking to purchase larger ticket items, like a TV or laptop, will also be able to ask Alexa for recommendations. The voice assistant will walk them through a series of questions to determine the best fit to meet their needs, like where the TV will be located. To get started, customers simply need to link their Best Buy account through the Alexa app and then ask, “Alexa, talk to Best Buy.”

Getting a Voice Before the Holidays

Best Buy is the latest in a string of recent announcement from retailers joining either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to provide voice shopping capabilities for their customers. This should be no surprise as the biggest shopping weeks are just around the corner. But unlike Walmart and Target, Best Buy has taken a two-pronged approach to voice shopping. The retailer has joined Amazon Alexa in the US and Google Assistant in Canada, which makes sense as Alexa is not available to our northern neighbors just yet. Best Buy has also chosen this tactic for its brick and mortar stores. It has prominent in-store displays for both Google Home and Amazon Echo in 700 Best Buy locations nationwide. While it is not the same kind of partnership Kohl’s has with Amazon, one can see the benefit of playing both sides and reaching both sets of customers before the holiday season. Even Jeff Bezos is excited.

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