Eufy Genie 20 Dollars – FI

Pick Up a Eufy Genie Echo Dot Clone for only 20 Dollars – Today Only

Let’s say you don’t want to wait until Black Friday to pick up a low-priced smart speaker. You can do that today for under $20. Eufy Genie is the best known Echo Dot clone and is on sale today for $19.99. You can even get it delivered today in some markets where Amazon does same day delivery. The sale is available today only.

Get Your Deal Ahead of Black Friday

There are many Black Friday deals on Amazon Echo Dots and Google Home Minis. Most of those place the price at around $29. Some have other promotions that can bring the effective price down to $4, but the key discount price level seems to be $29 and that is not available until Friday. Many of those deals also require you to go in-store to claim the discount. Eufy is taking another 33% off of those discounts and you can buy it online. It is a smart strategy given the Black Friday saturation around smart speaker deals. Modern Dad did a nice breakdown of the difference between the Echo Dot and Eufy Genie in the YouTube video below. The short answer is that it mostly stacks up to Echo Dot, but Eufy Genie does lack a couple of features.

Why Does Amazon Sell Echo Dot Clones

You might be wondering why Amazon would sell an Echo Dot clone and forgo the revenue it makes on selling competing devices. That is because Amazon is focused on getting Alexa-enabled devices a widely adopted as possible. They are happy to sell you the hardware or have you buy from another manufacturer that also provides access to the Alexa voice assistant. Harman Kardon, Sonos and others are taking this strategy at the high-end of the smart speaker segment. Eufy is trying to lead in the value segment. Amazon is happy as long as you have the opportunity to speak with Alexa everyday.

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