Voicebot Podcast Episode 17 – Peter Nann, Voice UX from an Australian Perspective

Peter Nann is senior lead for speech and automation at Salmat, one of Australia’s leading marketing services providers. More important for Voicebot listeners, Peter has worked in speech technology since 1993. He started as a software developer and by 2001 was a senior voice user interface architect. His focus today is voice design, analysis and improving existing voice systems.

In this week’s interview, Peter recounts the evolution of voice user experience over more than 20 years, offers some tips on designing for voice and provides an overview of the voice assistant technology landscape in Australia. He also offers some perspective on Amazon Alexa and the reception of Google Home becoming the first smart speaker available in Australia. It’s a great set of insights from an expert in the field with a unique perspective from Down Under. Enjoy!

Show Notes – Peter Nann Interview

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