Voicebot Podcast Episode 14 – Brad Abrams, Google Assistant Group Product Manager

Brad Abrams is group product manager for Google Assistant. In this week’s Interview Brad Abrams shares his experiences from Google Home and Google Assistant’s first year in the wild. From the launch of Google Assistant on Google Home and smartphones, to the expansion into seven different countries with more on the way, Brad shares some surprises and little known facts about the platform. He also answers questions related to voice SEO, voice commerce, multi-modal development, expansion into new languages and much more.

This is a rare look inside Google Assistant, how it works and the decisions driving one of the top two platforms in voice today. It is a must-listen episode for anyone working in voice technologies from a developer, marketer, product or strategy standpoint. Drop me a note on Twitter and let me know what you think.

Show Notes – Brad Abrams Interview

  • Find Brad Abrams on Twitter here @brada
  • You can learn about developing for Google Assistant here: Actions on Google
  • You can also use Dialogflow (formerly API.ai) to build conversational apps for Assistant: Dialogflow
  • The Google Assistant blog is a good way to stay current with new product updates: Google Assistant Blog
  • Join the Google Home Slack community for developers here: Google Home Slack

You can listen to the podcast interview above or at any of the locations below.

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