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Forrester Smart Speaker Forecast: 22 Million Amazon Echo Sales in 2017, 66 Million US Households 2022

A new Forrester smart speaker forecast predicts 66.3 million US households will have a device by 2022. The report also estimates that 26.7 million households will own smart home devices other than smart speakers. The numbers suggest a US household penetration of 51% and 21% for smart speakers and smart home device users respectively. Given multiple people share households, the forecast suggests a smart speaker consumer reach of 172.4 million US consumers in 2022.

More Suggestions of 20 Million Plus Echo Devices Sold

The report also references the Morgan Stanley estimate that 11 million Amazon Echo devices were sold in 2016 and suggests 22 million more may be sold in 2017. That runs a bit higher that Strategy Analytics’ estimate of 17. 1 million Echo devices to be sold this year by Amazon, but would seem to support comments by Jeff Bezos last week stating more than 20 million “Alexa-enabled devices” have been purchased through Q3 2017. If you assume that about 50% of the annual sales occur in the fourth quarter, that would place cumulative Amazon Echo sales at approximately 24 million today and climb to 35 million by year end.

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