Voicebot Podcast Episode 5 – Daniel Whaley Talks Voice UX in the UK

This week, The Voicebot Podcast is back in Europe, this time in the UK after our quick trip to meet with Alexa developers in France. Daniel Whaley received a Master of Science in Natural Language from The University of Edinburgh and a degree in artificial intelligence (AI) from University of Sussex. He also has spent more than a decade designing and implementing voice applications for Sabio. In addition, Dan is an insightful thought leader on the future of voice as Voicebot readers learned last week from his article, “AI and Identity at the Edinburgh Fringe.”

Dan’s background made him the perfect interview to discuss the state of voice UX from a UK perspective. He even took the opportunity to demonstrate three Amazon Alexa skills available in the UK and review their strengths and weaknesses from a user experience standpoint. So, enjoy the discussion around linearity of voice interaction, how National Railway is providing information by voice and much more.

Show Notes

  • Find Daniel Whaley on twitter here: http://twitter.com/whaley_d
  • Dan works for UX design firm Sabio: http://www.sabio.co.uk

You can listen to the podcast interview above or at any of the locations below.

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Host Notes

This interview was recorded in April 2017 before Google Home launched in the UK and prior to both Amazon and Google releasing calling features. Both are available today. However, we discuss how important these features will likely be from a user adoption standpoint and his commentary on the Alexa skills design. You will also find out whether Dan prefers the U.S. or UK Alexa voice. I know. The suspense must be killing you. Start listening now and please give us a five-star review in iTunes!

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