Now You Can Purchase Groceries and an Echo Dot at Whole Foods

Amazon moves fast. It is the company’s first official day running Whole Foods and it is not wasting any time in leveraging its new acquisition as a way to get more eyes on its line of Alexa-enabled smart speakers. Amazon has set up in-store Echo and Echo Dot displays at Whole Foods marketing the devices as the “Pick of the Season.” Jason Del Rey of Recode was one of the first to spot the new marketing tactic, but he wasn’t the only one. A Reddit post also shows a display in Austin.

Amazon Echo’s on sale at WF in Austin from amazonecho

Amazon Wants Alexa Everywhere

In addition to cutting prices on items up to 43% at Whole Foods Market, Amazon is also discounting its Echo products at both Whole Foods and online. The Echo Dot is now five dollars cheaper at $44.99 while the Echo is 44% off at $99.99. It might seem weird that shoppers can now buy a smart speaker in addition to organic vegetables, but Amazon wants Alexa everywhere, even at its newly acquired chain of grocery stores. The pace at which all of this happened is impressive and shows that Amazon is serious about making Whole Foods part of the Amazon brand. And, nothing is more on brand for Amazon than shamelessly promoting Alexa.

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