Voicebot Podcast Episode 3 – Voice UX Expert Lisa Falkson from NIO

Lisa Falkson, the principal voice architect for self-driving car startup NIO, sat down with me for the third episode of The Voicebot Podcast. She previously worked at Amazon’s famous Lab126 as a Senior Voice User Interface Designer where she helped launch three voice enabled products in 2014, including Amazon Echo. An electrical engineer trained originally at Stanford and later earning an MSEE from UCLA, Lisa started her career as a software developer at Sun Microsystems before working at Nuance Communications for either years. Her background is rare because of her deep experience in voice design. There is a lot to learn from her unique insights. Enjoy!

Show Notes

  • You can follow Lisa on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/LisaFalkson
  • You can learn more about NIO at: http://www.nio.io/

You can listen to the podcast interview above or at any of the locations below.

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Host Notes

It is a rare treat to speak with someone like Lisa that has been working with and developing voice technology daily for more than 15 years. Lisa has the rare distinction of being at Amazon while the Echo was being hatched and because she started out as an electrical engineer and developer, although she spends her time as a designer today. As a result, Lisa has a strong fundamental understanding of the entire technology stack behind voice assistants and voice-first technologies. This episode was recorded in the spring shortly after her company, NIO, raised $600 million from Baidu and Tencent.

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