Voicebot Podcast Episode 2 – Independent Developer Nick Schwab from Get Invoked

Nick Schwab is an independent developer with a passion for voice applications. He first channeled that passion into Amazon Alexa skills and then followed it with Google Actions and Cortana skills. His voice apps quickly racked up over 1,000 reviews on the Alexa Skill Store when most skills struggled to get past one or two. His skills became so popular that he was soon streaming 7TB of data daily to his 250,000 monthly users. In this week’s Voicebot Podcast, Nick Schwab talks about developing for voice, how Alexa is different from Google Assistant and some of the challenges with voice app discovery and monetization that are constraining industry growth.

Show Notes

You can find links Nick’s many voice applications that range from games and daily deals to ambient noise for sleep at getinvoked.com. Listen in the player above or at any of the locations below.

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Host Notes

This interview was conducted in April, but is still very relevant today. Since that time, Nick has created the getinvoked.com website to showcase his many skills, launched the Deal or No Deal game on Alexa and ported some of his popular skills to Cortana and Google Assistant. If you want an experienced developer’s viewpoint on the state of voice applications today, you will find this interview enlightening.

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