Voicebot Podcast Episode 4 – Alexa Developer Quentin Delaoutre

Quentin Delaoutre was one of the earliest Amazon Alexa developers and among the very few in France. He started out building the first messaging skill for Alexa users, SMS with Molly. Earlier this year he updated that effort with the messaging Alexa skill Jab. Quentin is also the creator of the unofficial Alexa Skills Store where he highlights new Alexa skills each week and the author of Amazon Alexa: Ultimate User Guide 2017.

In this episode, Quentin discusses how he became focused on messaging applications for Amazon Alexa, what he has learned as a developer on the platform and what led him to move to Thailand and write the Alexa user guide. We also talk about developing for Alexa when it isn’t supported in your country. I hope you enjoy our first international edition of The Voicebot Podcast.

Show Notes

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Host Notes

This interview was conducted in the spring of 2017, shortly before Amazon rolled out its calling and messaging features. This means that Jab now has a significant competitor going up against the platform provider. However, Jab has some different features than Alexa messaging, is not tied to your Alexa app and Quentin has many insights about developing for Alexa that go well beyond a single skill. He is also a great example of the robust developer community growing up around the Amazon Alexa ecosystem.

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