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Anthropic Debuts Mobile App and Businesses Subscription Service for Generative AI Chatbot Claude

Generative AI startup Anthropic has expanded access to its Claude AI chatbot to mobile devices and enterprises. Claude is now available as an iOS mobile app, and businesses can start signing up for the new Team subscription plan to get multi-user access to the generative AI chatbot.

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Anthropic’s Team plan costs $30 per user per month with a five-user minimum. The subscription service caters to businesses and other organizations who want a premium version of Claude, even beyond Claude Pro’s $20-a-month subscription service for individuals. Team subscribers get all of the Pro benefits plus more access, specialized models, and an enormous 200,000-token context window. These capabilities allow users to process lengthy documents, engage in complex discussions, and handle detailed multi-step interactions such as customer support or project planning.

The Team plan also offers administrative tools for user and billing management, aiming to reduce overhead for organizations while easing the onboarding process. Anthropic is set to enhance the Team plan further in the coming weeks with additional collaboration features, such as the ability to verify AI-generated content through citations, integrate with codebases and customer relationship management platforms, and facilitate real-time collaboration on AI-generated documents or projects.

“Claude is designed to help individuals—and now teams—harness the power of the industry’s most advanced AI models,” Anthropic explained in a blog post. “Whether you need a partner for deep work, a knowledgeable expert, a creative collaborator, or an assistant that’s available instantly, Claude augments every employee’s capabilities and enables businesses to achieve new levels of productivity to drive better results.”

Simultaneously, Anthropic announced the release of the Claude iOS app, which is available for free to all Claude users. This app extends the functionality of Claude to mobile devices, offering features like seamless chat history syncing across devices and the ability to analyze images directly from a mobile phone. Anthropic suggested that this makes the app particularly useful for dynamic, on-the-go interactions such as brainstorming, quick information retrieval, and real-time image analysis.

The Team plan and iOS app mark the latest in rapid-fire successes for Anthropic over the last several months. The startup raised $100 million from SK Telecom in August, which came after a $450 million round last May. Last year also saw the release of  Claude 2.0 and Claude 2.1, as well as the smaller and faster Claude Instant 1.2. In the wake of the Claude 3 release, Amazon completed a $4 billion investment in Anthropic, and The Financial Times (FT) picked Anthropic’s models to power its new “Ask FT” chatbot.

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