Claude Instant

Anthropic Debuts Smaller, Faster LLM Claude Instant 1.2

Generative AI startup Anthropic has introduced Claude Instant, updating the smaller and faster version of its Claude AI model. Claude Instant 1.2 brings in some of the enhancements added to the larger and more powerful Claude 2 model released in July, including better logical reasoning and coding ability.

Claude Instant 1.2

Claude Instant 1.2’s upgrades make it better at explicable reasoning for its answers, making reducing the instances of hallucinated, made-up answers and making it better at staying within its rules for content in the face of jailbreak attempts. That way of processing information makes is what leads to what Anthropic says are significantly better benchmark scores in coding and math. Benchmark tests comparing Claude Instant 1.2 to its predecessor 1.1 saw the AI’s coding scores rise 5.9% to 58.7% and its math skills improve 5.8% to 86.7%.

Claude Instant is our faster, lower-priced yet still very capable model, which can handle a range of tasks including casual dialogue, text analysis, summarization, and document comprehension,” Anthropic wrote in a blog post. “Claude Instant 1.2 incorporates the strengths of our latest model Claude 2 in real-world use cases and shows significant gains in key areas like math, coding, reasoning, and safety. It generates longer, more structured responses and follows formatting instructions better. Instant 1.2 also shows improvements in quote extraction, multilingual capabilities, and question answering.”

Despite its smaller size, Claude Instant 1.2 maintains the 100,000 token context window of Claude 2. That’s around 75,000 words, meaning the AI can hold a whole novel’s worth of information in its short-term memory. Claude Instant falls into the entry-level side of the rapidly evolving world of LLMs. Anthropic is putting it up against the smaller, cheaper LLMs and related services from OpenAI, AI21, and Cohere. Anthropic claims thousands of companies are working with the Claude API. The list includes Quroa’s Poe generative AI chatbot hub, DuckDuckGo’s DuckAssist tool, productivity app Notion’s writing assistant Notion AI, and Zoom has embedded Claude in its platform. Generative AI platform Jasper is also employing the Claude API among its mix of models for enterprise use. Businesses interested can access Claude Instant 1.2 through Anthropic’s API.

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