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Financial Times Launches Generative AI Chatbot for Subscribers Powered by Anthropic’s Claude 3 LLM

The Financial Times (FT) has introduced a new generative AI chatbot called “Ask FT” for FT Professional subscribers with responses produced from the last two decades of FT content. Ask FT is built with Claude 3, Anthropic’s latest large language model (LLM).

Ask FT

Ask FT is built to answer queries on current events, broad topics like cryptocurrency’s environmental impact, as well as historical questions by summarizing relevant information from FT’s archives. Ask FT represents a new way for subscribers to access and interact with the company’s journalistic resources using generative AI. You can see a demo in the video above. Like Claude, Ask FT provides footnotes pointing to the source of the information, in this case which FT articles provided the facts. The answers also indicate the range of time when the articles used for the answers were published.

“The FT has a strong track record of embracing the disruption of technology, from the arrival of the internet to the mobile revolution, and now AI,” FT chief product officer Lindsey Jayne said. “As one of the most trusted media brands in the world, we are in a unique position to mindfully engage with AI to bring value to our audience in new ways.”

Anthropic showcased the power of its three Claude 3 models upon their debut, boasting that they are comparable and, in some ways, even better than OpenAI’s GPT-4 models. FT’s interest in deploying Claude 3 for its new chatbot fits with both the way Anthropic pitches Claude and with how news organizations and generative AI developers are starting to partner up. For instance, Apple is planning to train future generative AI models with news media archives, while Axel Springer and OpenAI have teamed up to augment ChatGPT with the media conglomerate’s output, including paywalled articles. Springer will also provide data for training OpenAI’s LLMs, so FT is clearly thinking ahead as to how to make its subscription more attractive with the help of generative AI.

“We’re always looking to add value to our FT Professional offering, and this new feature will help our subscribers make confident strategic and commercial decisions quickly by getting answers rather than search results,” FT Professional managing director Nick Fallon said. “It’s a perfect complement to the broader, in-depth offering our readers expect from FT news products.”

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