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Google Chrome’s New ‘Help Me Write’ Tool Adapts Suggestions to Website Context

Google Chrome has officially debuted a new writing assistant powered by its Gemini LLM to join the recently unveiled generative AI features for the web browser. The ‘Help Me Write’ tool will also take into account the website currently open, producing content appropriate to the context.

Gemini Web Writer

Chrome users can enable the new tool in Chrome’s settings under “Experimental AI.” Once activated, users can right-click on any text field and select “Help me write” to get short-form writing suggestions from Gemini based on an analysis of the website. That could mean pulling movie plot details when writing a review or previously published comments on a Reddit post when writing a comment.

“Using Gemini models, the new feature will help you start writing or refine something you’ve already written — whether you’re selling a piece of furniture, submitting a restaurant review or inquiring about a hotel reservation. The tool will understand the context of the webpage you’re on to suggest relevant content,” Google engineering director Adriana Porter Felt wrote in a blog post. “For example, as an avid gardener, if I’m writing a review for garden shears, Chrome will pull out relevant details about the item from the page to support my recommendation so it’s more valuable to other hobbyists.”

Google is pitching the tool for short-form writing like emails or support content. The company views it as complementary to human writing rather than a replacement. The feature is currently available in English on Windows, Mac and Linux. Access to the writing assistant and the other Chrome generative AI tools requires a paid Gemini Advanced subscription.

The experimental writing assistant extends Google’s existing “Help me write” email feature in Gmail to the web. It allows the company to gather more data to advance its AI development. The webpage URL and content are sent to improve the feature’s generative AI research and machine learning capabilities. This includes limited human review.

All of the related features are part of Google’s work bringing generative AI to its full product suite, whether labeled as Gemini, Bard Extensions, or anything else. The writing assistant is also comparable to those appearing in other web browsers. Opera introduced the Aria generative AI assistant last year, enhancing it with additional generative AI features since the launch, even teaching it to mimic a user’s writing style based on submitted examples. Meanwhile, privacy-focused browser developer Brave incorporated a generative AI assistant named Leo into its platform in November.


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