Opera Aria Compose

Opera Teaches Generative AI Assistant Aria to Mimic Your Writing Style

Web browser Opera has upgraded its Aria generative AI assistant and added new content editing features. Users can even teach Aria, which uses the same large language model as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, to mimic their writing style based on submitted examples.

Composing Arias

Aria is a free, native feature for Opera browsers that can converse with users, look up information, summarize website content, and compose text. The upgrades bring new options around those tools. The Rephrase feature lets users select a portion of text and have the AI rework that specific section instead of the entire output. Meanwhile, Reuse allows piecing together elements from multiple responses to form a new query or command. This avoids repetitive typing or re-explaining context. Users can simply highlight the parts to reuse and have the AI combine them into an updated prompt.

Opera believes the result of these upgrades will be faster, more accurate, and more useful responses and content from Aria. refining queries and generating content more easily, as well as providing more accurate answers more quickly. For example, someone planning a vacation itinerary could take relevant suggestions from Aria about activities and lodging to generate a custom multi-day trip. The context remains without needing to retype it.

“This year, we redesigned our browser to make Opera users’ interaction with AI better. With this release, we are improving their experience in places where it matters the most: queries and content creation,” Opera product director Joanna Czajka said. “What people want is to create the content they need or get the best possible query results as fast, as accurately, and with as little effort as possible. With this update, we are making that happen.”

Aria Imitations

Aria users can also now teach the AI to write like them to a degree. The new My Style feature allows users to submit examples of their writing to Aria, pieces reflecting their tone and voice. The AI processes them like it would text defined as Shakespeare, Poe, or other authors and gives it the ability to at least somewhat reproduce an individual’s natural style for tasks like reviews or professional emails.

Even without personalizing the text with My Style, Aria now offers more tools for specifying the content users want it to compose even before they write a prompt. For instance, there are several buttons within the Compose feature for content types like blog posts, speeches, or emails, as well as the overall topic and length of the writing desired.

The new features continue Opera’s rapid adoption of generative AI tools for its browsers, including offering both ChatGPT and ChatSonic as conversational partners capable of features like rewriting an article as a soap opera, sports commentary, or series of quiz questions. There’s no lack of competition from the likes of Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot, DuckDuckGo’s DuckAssist feature, or web browser Brave’s Summarizer, not to mention Google’s rapid infusion of Bard AI throughout its software ecosystem.

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