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Data-Watching Startup Observe Raises $50M and Debuts Generative AI Toolkit

Data transparency and tracking startup Observe has raised $50 million in a Series A3 funding round led by Sutter Hill Ventures. Observe (not to be confused with Observe AI) provides a platform for tracking, analyzing, and organizing machine-generated data and has revamped its software with a new set of generative AI features, including a conversational AI chatbot and coding copilot.

Observing and Generating Data

Observe, as the name suggests, is designed to help businesses keep an eye on their data, including how it’s stored and analyzed. Its architecture aims at streamlining that process even amid surging data volume and complexity that might strain the standard software tools. By using context, Observe can theoretically spot and alert a company about any issues faster and speed up the troubleshooting process. The revamped platform, called Project Hubble, includes a new interface and nearly real-time data monitoring that can access data uploaded as little as 20 seconds beforehand.

Hubble also brings generative AI to the platform in several forms. That includes the O11y GPT Help chatbot assistant that answers user queries about how to use Observe, the O11y GPT Slack Assistant, which brings Observe’s AI aide to Slack for troubleshooting issues and summarizing incident responses, and the OPAL Co-Pilot, which can translate natural language requests into Observe’s query language, OPAL. Observe claims that the generative AI features improve productivity by between 20% and 50%

“We’ve always viewed observability – first and foremost – as a data problem. To troubleshoot unknown problems, users need immediate access to relevant contextual data. And they need to be able to afford to retain and analyze that data a year or more,” Observe Inc. CEO Jeremy Burton explained. “Observe has a modern architecture. All the data is in one place, we derive relationships within it and because we separate storage and compute, it’s stored economically for however long the customer needs it.”

The new investment brings Observe’s total funding to date to $164.5 million following its emergence from stealth last year. The startup had previously raised a $35 million Series A round in 2021. There’s a lot of interest and potential investment at the juncture of generative AI and enterprise data management. Databricks, known for its Lakehouse Platform for AI, raised more than $500 million in September, following the $1.3 billion purchase of large language model training and generative AI tool MosaicML.  Cohere has debuted its own generative AI Coral chatbot and a chatbot API that uses its Command LLM.

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