Generative AI Agent Training Startup Luda Raises $7M

Generative AI startup Luda has raised $7 million in a seed funding round led by Bitkraft Ventures and Compound, with participation from big names in the AI field like Google Chief Scientist Jeff Dean. Luda provides a platform for training and launching personalized generative AI agents.

Luda AI Agency

Luda’s bots are built using what it calls Real-Time Reinforcement Learning (RT-RL). The idea is to enable clients to develop interactive bots that can interact with physics-based environments without coding or manual animation. Users build AI bots visually via Luda’s Mels browser-based simulation. The platform animates agents using generative AI techniques coupled with accelerated learning. The aim is to make developing custom virtual AI characters just as intuitive as play for general consumers. Luda believes that user-generated AI agents are ideal for gaming applications.

“At Luda, we believe people belong at the center of AI – not the other way around. That’s why we’re building UGC gameplay for the AI generation. The exciting thing about technology paradigm shifts is the chance to create fundamentally new experiences that weren’t possible before,” Luda CEO Vijay Sundaram said in a statement. “We started researching and developing novel generative AI techniques like RT-RL five years ago in Google Research, to create a new consumer category: immersive, interactive AI agents anyone can create through an experience that’s as accessible and joyful as play – a new kind of playground bringing together human creativity, social connection, and user-generated agent.”

Luda will now look to enhance its generative AI capacity as it grows in size and starts to face off in the increasingly competitive generative AI training and virtual agent space. Amazon has made such agents a key part of the Amazon Bedrock generative AI service since this summer, and HubSpot introduced a whole suite of marketing and customer service-centric generative AI tools in September. None are approaching the training of those agents in quite the same gamified training, however, which has implications for new entertainment as well as enterprise actions.

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