Opera Browser ChatGPT

Opera Web Browser Launches Generative AI Features and ChatGPT Access

Web browser platform Opera has introduced generative AI tools to the Opera and Opera GX browsers. Opera users can see summaries and explanations of website content and generate social media posts based on the text of a website. They can also converse with generative AI chatbots ChatGPT and ChatSonic in the browser’s sidebar.

Generative Opera

ChatGPT and ChatSonic will condense, expand on, or produce tweet ideas out of any highlighted website text. The generative AI tools, what Opera calls ‘AI-generated content, also offer plenty of more idiosyncratic rewrite concepts, like converting an article into a soap opera, sports commentary, or series of quiz questions. The prompts in green will use ChatGPT, and those in purple leverage ChatSonic. ChatGPT and ChatSonic are also both available for conversations in the browser’s sidebar and can do all of the same tasks as on their respective homepages. Both can offer text suggestions, but ChatSonic can generate images as well. Opera describes the new tools as just the first stage of its ‘Browser AI’ strategy, with plans for its own GPT-based browser AI engine in the worst for stage two.

“AIGC is a game-changer for web browsing. Our goal is to use these technologies to give our users new browsing superpowers – reimagining how they learn, create, and research,” Opera product director Joanna Czajka said.”Opera is actively expanding its AI program into AIGC for browser, news, and gaming products through its own solutions and new and existing partnerships. We’re excited for our users to experience generative AI with this release. Expect more innovations from us.”

Web browsers and generative AI have a natural connection, and experiments at combining the two are on the rise, especially after Microsoft released the Bing AI chatbot. DuckDuckGo’s new DuckAssist feature leverages the Bing AI model to answer search queries by summarizing relevant parts of Wikipedia articles, while web browser Brave’s Summarizer uses in-house AI models for the same purpose. Meanwhile, Google is pitching its Bard AI as more of a ‘complementary’ service for its central search function.

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