Mozilla Debuts Fakespot Chat LLM and Generative AI Shopping Assistant

Mozilla has joined the generative AI world with a new large language model (LLM) and chatbot through the AI startup Fakespot it acquired this year. The new Fakespot Chat continues the startup’s vision of discerning between real and fake product reviews by guiding online shoppers toward better purchasing decisions by answering questions about products and suggestions on how to look for a purchase.

Fakespot Chat

Mozilla described Fakespot Chat as an interactive way of sorting real from fake reviews. Users can also ask the chatbot questions about products to aid research. There’s no need to create an account, and data collection is limited as part of Mozilla’s emphasis on privacy. The new chatbot comes after Mozilla committed $30 million to launch Mozilla.ai for open-source and ethical AI projects earlier this year. Fakespot Chat suggestions aim to reduce research time for shoppers and lead to better purchasing choices.

Fakespot Chat is being tested through Fakespot Analyzer on the company’s shopping research site, which analyzes Amazon listings to detect fraudulent reviews and scams. Users can copy and paste the URL of the product into the analyzer to ask questions. It’s also accessible through Fakespot’s browser extension, which activates when visiting an Amazon product page. The chatbot is currently only available for Amazon.com products in the U.S., but Mozilla plans to widen access and review sources in the future. The new chatbot continues Fakespot’s own generative AI work, including the Pros and Cons feature for generating summaries of reviews released last year. Fakespot Chat represents Mozilla’s first consumer application of large language model AI technology.

“Fakespot Chat will guide you as you’re shopping by answering your questions with trust already built-in. This strengthens what we believe shopping should look like, in a world where a paradigm shift is occurring in consumer technology: privacy, safety and openness are imperative to our experiences as individuals on the internet,” Mozilla director and former Fakespot CEO Saoud Khalifah explained in a blog post. “Remember the days, when you’d go to a physical store and ask the salesperson questions about a particular item before you purchased it? Fakespot Chat is our virtual version of that experience.”

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