Samsung Gauss Intro

Samsung Unveils Gauss Generative AI Model to Rival ChatGPT

Samsung introduced a collection of generative AI models under the new Samsung Gauss branding this week at the Samsung AI Forum 2023. The portfolio includes the large language model (LLM) Gauss Language, programming assistant Gauss Code, and synthetic image generator Gauss Image as obvious and direct rivals to OpenAI’s generative AI products like ChatGPT. Notably, Samsung’s announcement came just a few days after OpenAI showcased several major new products and upgrades at its first Dev Day.

Samsung Gauss

The functions of the Gauss tools are evident in their name. Gauss Image creates and edits visual media. Gauss Code assists with software development and fuels the new code.i coding assistant, which aims to streamline and shorten the time needed to write programs. Gauss Language may be the most critical to Samsung’s long-term plans. The LLM acts as a chatbot that can answer questions as well as compose, summarize, and translate text. The LLM is likely going to be incorporated into Samsung’s phones and other devices. Importantly, Samsung described Gauss as an on-device AI that processes data locally rather than in the cloud. This provides privacy and speed advantages over cloud-based alternatives that must send data externally.

“We will continue to support and collaborate with the industry and academia on generative AI research,” said the executive vice president of Samsung Research Global AI Center, Kim Dae-hyun, at the event.

The new model is named after renowned mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, known for defining normal distribution theory, which Samsung calls “the backbone of machine learning and AI.” Samsung said the moniker reflects its vision to harness AI and data to benefit consumers globally. Samsung also highlighted its AI Red Team initiative aimed at ensuring responsible and ethical AI practices around areas like data collection and model training. With AI risks in focus, Samsung emphasized Gauss is being developed safely. Details remain scarce about when and how Gauss will be implemented into Samsung products, but they may arrive in the upcoming Galaxy S23 smartphone next year as a showcase of Samsung’s latest mobile AI. The timing aligns with Samsung unveiling a new Exynos chip optimized for on-device AI with boosted performance. As AI chips and agents advance, seamless integration will likely be key. Samsung said all of the AI systems are currently being tested by employees and will eventually expand to consumer products.

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