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Samsung Teaches Bixby to Speak Latin American Spanish

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant has added Latin American Spanish to its language list. The new option joins Brazilian Portuguese to double the Latin American languages available for Bixby as Samsung continues to promote the voice assistant for its Galaxy phones.

Bixby Speak

Latin American Bixby Spanish speakers have had to use European Spanish until now. The upgrade brings support for local dialects, accents, and idioms in Latin American Spanish, which should improve interactions for users. That includes users in the United States, where the most Bixby users and second-most Spanish speakers live.

“When Samsung launched Bixby nearly five years ago, we committed to continue improving this intelligent platform with new technologies and key partners that enable more experiences,” said Young Jip Kim, EVP and Head of the Artificial Intelligence Team at the Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics. “We are proud to bring Bixby to the millions of people who speak Latin American Spanish, joining the more than 200 million1 people already using Bixby from nearly 400 million2 devices worldwide.”


the latest addition comes after Samsung began boosting Bixby within its SmartThings ecosystem of connected devices. The tech giant The Bixby Home Studio is a new tool that lets developers create and customize SmartThings experiences with the voice assistant, both on-device and through the cloud. Bixby’s role on Samsung phones will also see some expansion, including a new receptionist role.

The long-promised integration of SmartThings with the Matter smart home standard will happen soon, making it easier to onboard supporting devices into either SmartThings or Google Home. Matter is quickly becoming a widely popular model for ensuring customers aren’t stuck with an isolated smart device limited to a single voice assistant or other AI,  but Google and Samsung have worked particularly closely together to meld their software protocols.

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